Blacks On Boys

Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics


Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics


Here is the very first blacks on boys scene to be filmed… EVER! Introducing Chilli. A buddy from south of the border, way south. All the way from Brazil. And you know how those Brazillian boys are. Hot, tight and ready for some black bulls. So little chilli finds himself with a couple of very well hung studs. Dano and Hole Hunter. Mr. Hunter is 6’6″ and weighs 240lbs, all muscle. And Dano looks like he can hold his own as well. Together these 2 have 21″ of cock for Chilli.

You see, Solomon and Dano have been a little thing for a while now. But Solomon has something to break to Dano. There is another man in his life lol. But that doesn’t mean they can’t share right? So as Solomon tells Dano about the secret, Chilli pops out form under the bed covers and suprises Dano. Dano thought Solomon had been playing with him under the covers that whole time!! LOL. So Dano and Solomon decide to share Chilli and Chilli has no problem with that. So for the next 22 minutes they share Chilli, while he loves EVERY second of it. Chilli ends up a gooey mess by the end. I mean with Dano and Solomon combined there must have been a litre of black seed there. Man Chilli is on lucky twink!

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