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Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics

Blacks On Boys :  Park Wiley

Here is Park. This blacks on boys whiteboy has a strange name eh? But that doesn’t stop the black studs from fucking him. This Blacks On Boys scene starts out with Dano and Solomon playing rough with Park. And it stays that way throughout the whole scene. These guys won’t let the whiteboy catch his breath. 12″ in one hole, and another 12″ in another hole.

And just when you think Park has had all he can take, he gets his second wind. It’s amazing. He kicks right back to white boy toy mode. And I don’t think it’s a video editing trick either. He just snaps out of it and goes bonkers again. Like he saw these 2 studs for the first time… all over again. So as it goes on, the black bulls are about to lose their load. So they site Park right on the edge of the couch, and make him finish them off. And Park compies with great enthusiasm. He down right loves it. I think Dano was the first to lose it, and Park’s chest was effing covered. No that leaves SOlomon, and boy did SOlomon make a mess of Park’s mouth. I mean it looked like a glazed donut.

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