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Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics


Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics

Ted and Nikels

Now usually at blacks on boys, they take 2 black bulls and team them up on one white boy. Well this movie is a tad different. The dudes at Blacks On Boys took 1 white boy sissy, one black boy sissy and gave them to one BLACK BULL! So you have a 2:1 sissy/stud ratio. Not too bad. For this scene, it’s way too good.

The 2 sissies are Ted and Nikels. Both nice looking men. One a little big buffer than the other, but all in all both good to go. They meet the powerful stud Solomon in a back alley somewhere and just start to go to town on him. Licking and sucking all over. In the first movie you can tell Solomon is loving it because he is giving his OWN nipples a little pull. The second interrical gay movie shows Ted keeping a close eye on Nikels while Solomon makes a power bottom out of him. Solomon is one black power top too. Now let’s move on to the really hot blacks on boys movies.

Clip 3: check that out. While Nikels is getting his hole filled, Ted is making sure to blow him. It’s a big ol’ daisy chain. Seriously this is turning out to be on great gay interracial movie. The guys at blacks on do a great job finding guys like these. Now feast your eyes on the last clip. Look at the pain and pleasure going through Nikels all at the same time. His legs are thrown up over his head and the black bull solomon is just filling his hole. All 10″ gonig right into Nikels hole!

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