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Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics

Fun flight

Ever been stuck in the airport with nothing to do? I know I have. Sitting there, wishing I could be in a blacks on boys movie or something. I am sure that is the exact thing going through this whiteboys head. Sitting in the airpoint, bored as hell. And then what do you know? 2 very studly men come in for some fun fun fun. Making this blacks on boys movie called fun flight!

What makes this flight so fun I am sure you are asking your self. Well first off we have 2 very well hung black men. One being the studly, buff Dano. And the other being the dar chocolate Solomon. And Solomon is just as buff as Dano too. So here we have a very pale and weak white boy who is sandwiched between 2 pieces of dark rye bread lol. And as soon as they get to talkin, they make one nice meal.

Our white boy loves the black cock. He wastes little time getting all of Dano’s 10″ in his mouth. ALL OF IT. And not to be ignored, Solomon quietly playing with his nipples, watches Dano get sucked. Next is Sol’s turn though. And the white boy does a fancy trick or two with his tounge on Sol too.

Next the white boy toy needs to ride that cock. So he boards the black meat and ride away. This time Dano is on the watching end, but is getting jacked by white boy at the same time. Very tricky indeed. Dano then moves to the back of the seats, and presents his cock to the whiteboy, and lets him gargle his huge member.

Next thing you know SOlomon is ready to spray the tonsils of the white boy with his black seed. So a mess gets made of his face. A HUGE mess. White goop all over his mouth, and chin. But this just turns on Dano more, because he about doubles the seed explosion of Sol and gets it all down the whiteboys throat. What a treat!

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