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Blacks On Boys Movies and Pics


Gentlemen, here is Julian. A great addition to the Blacks On Boys gay collection. This white stud has longish brown hair, a decent body, and knows how to please a man. Everything starts out with Solomon and Julian having some fun. Julian is wearing a nice pair of tight black underwear. His ass is very tight. Julian is just sucking away like a good little Blacks on Boys guy should. And you can surely tell he has had some experiece with this. Just as things are really starting to warm up, in pops another black beauty.

Solomon’s homie, as he likes to be called is one big, black bull. He has a nice shaved head and an even nice shaved head. Solomon agrees to share his whiteboy toy with his homie. And his homie is STOKED. Not every say do you get to head to your homie’s house to see him with a nice chunk of white meat, and then have him offer it to you. And poor little Julian. Over 20″ of black meat. He makes a few hurty faces in this scene, but can you really blame him? When is the last time you took that much meat. Prolly never. And taking that much meat at the same time is tough. Not to mention all of the crazy positions they put poor Julian in. I swear they stretch out Jules’ hole so big during the examination period that you could drive a car through it. But something about that is sort of a turn on right? A man who has been places, who knows his pleasure and how to please others. So needless to say, Solomon and his homie really do a number on Julian.

To finish off the scene, J-man uses his mouth on Solomon and his hands on the homie. And wait till you see what happens. All those boys will need one big shower at then end of the scene. And you know what. I bet they all did!

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